A Pacific Northwest raised photography company specializing in residential architecture. Bradley Chandler has always had a true passion for photography. Bradley purchased his first camera at the age of 15 and has since never slowed his aspirations to master his trade. With over 10 years of experience his love for photography continues to grow and develop with every new project he works on.

With quality and excellence in mind. Our goal is to create long lasting business relationships. We are looking to work with you through every aspect of the job to meet your every expectation.

Our lead photographer Bradley Chandler has been in the real estate photography industry for the last 10 years full time. He has photographed every type of property there is to offer in our area. With a reputation of being thorough and professional he has the attention to detail to make your property stand out from the rest. Bradley not only has a developed background in photography, but also a long history with videography, drone cinematography, and 3D photography technology.

Inspired by his love for photographing architecture in the Pacific Northwest. Bradley Chandler created Wayfarer Photos LLC. A full service real estate marketing company, highly specialized in photography, videography, drone work, and matterport 3d scans all specifically tailored for real estate services.